Concrete Cooling Tower


The Concrete Cooling Tower structure will be made with reinforced concrete and is suitable to resist aggressive waters. The pre- cast concrete type has been implemented to meet the stringent time to market. The shell and the structure utilize steel reinforcements bars to maintain their shape and strength. The calculation of the structure will consider the dead and live loads of the complex while running at full capacity.

Features & Benefits

  • Long life span

Reinforced concrete’s durability ensures that the building will retain its structural and aesthetic capabilities for many years.

  • Fireproof

The simplest concrete structural frame can easily achieve fire code compliance. Concrete acts as a natural barrier to fire with no need for additional fireproofing applications.

  • Ideal for harsh tower environments

A concrete cooling tower is made of 100% corrosion free material.

  • Low maintenance

Frequent inspections and repair due to corrosion and biological attack are virtually eliminated.

Applicable Industries

  • Automobile industry
  • Petrochemical/ Chemical plants
  • Power plant
  • Oil refinery
  • Natural gas processing
  • Food processing
  • Semi-conductor plants
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Metal/ Mining