Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) Cooling Towers


The body of FRP Cooling Tower consists of a frame work made by structural shapes of pultruded fibre glass composite, stiffened with diagonal braces to transfer wind, earthquake and other live loads to the basin. A large area of the fan deck is walkable and designed to allow an easy maintenance of the tower, accessible from ground level via stair/ladder and completely surrounded by handrails.

Features & Benefits

  • High structural strength and flexible

FRP is composite material having remarkable strength and other properties that able to offer a long- term operation.

  • Ideal for harsh and corrosive environment

FRP composites are inert, chemically resistant and fire resistant.

  • Highly cost-effective

FRP composites require minimum maintenance, thus lower maintenance cost recovers the extra cost.

  • Less downtime

This cooling tower can be maintained while online, since cleaning and inspecting the distribution system does not require turning off the pumps.

  • Light weight components

This enable easy and quick installation on site.

Applicable Industries

  • Automobile industry
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Paper mill industry
  • Power plant
  • Oil refinery
  • Mines
  • Pharmaceutical plant