Seawater Cooling Tower


VIRIDIS Seawater Cooling Tower can directly contribute to safeguarding the delicate marine eco system in several plants and to reduce the environmental impact. This ties in with our value-added services as an environmentally friendly company.

The best choice is the use of corrosion free plastic materials for the Cooling Towers structure and the main internal components. The mechanical equipment should be protected with suitable coating for salt water application. The Steel parts should be of high grade stainless steel (“Duplex” EN 1.4462 and AISI316) or special alloy (Silicon Bronze, Aluminum Bronze).

Features & Benefits

  • Environmental friendly

Seawater cooling tower is possible to reduce impact on the sea ecosystem as well as the carbon footprint.

  • Economically feasible compared to once-through system

Once‐through cooling requires a significantly greater amount of water than closed‐cycle cooling to be withdrawn from a water body, passed once through the power plant to capture waste heat and then discharged back into a water body.

  • Less recirculation problem

No significant operation and maintenance issues on seawater cooling tower.

  • Economical

As process industries located in coastal areas are close to seawater access, thus shorter pipelines are required which are more economical compared to long pipelines.

Applicable Industries

  • Process industries located in coastal areas
  • Plastics industry
  • Power plants
  • Petrochemical